Additional Information

LightningFlow is a completely integrated Airflow platform to deploy and  run jobs using Apache Airflow on AWS. Within hours, you will be ready to  deploy and test your DAGs, run and monitor them on the Airflow UI.

Product Overview:
LightningFlow  comes pre-integrated with all the required libraries, webserver,  scheduler and worker configurations, local Spark cluster, and a  postgres database. When you start the EC2 instance, all the required  services start up with standard configurations allowing you to start running  and testing the DAGs immediately. The DAGs run on a local Spark  cluster, thus eliminating the need to create an EMR cluster.

Why use LightningFlow:
LightningFlow,  combined with the vast capabilities of Apache Airflow is a solution  that helps you to focus on the core objectives of centralizing  your pipelines into a single environment. It is by far, the quickest and  the most reliable solution to get Airflow up and running in a  Production-like environment. Whether you are looking to orchestrate your  Spark ETL pipelines, or migrate existing Spark/BigQuery pipelines  to Apache Airflow, LightningFlow helps you to get there the very same  day, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. 

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LightningFlow is available on AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces. Launch the instance or VM from the respective marketplaces and quickly begin exploring the fully integrated Airflow solution to run pipeline jobs/DAGs on any environment.